March 2022

Congratulations to our winners on 13 March. 1st Prize    £250    Janet Grant 2nd Prize    £125  Freddy Montat 3rd Prize     £75    Robert Penn and Janice Knott

February 2021

Congratulations to our February winners. 1st Prize  £250  Thomas Montat 2nd Prize £125  Joann McDonnell 3rd  Prize  £75  Freddy Montat

January 2021

Congratulations to our winners in the January draw. Also a Happy New Year to all our loyal members. 1st      £250     Philip Renfrey 2nd     £125     Janet Grant 3rd       £75       Janet  Rayner

December 2020

Congratulations to our winners from the draw held on 6 Dec 20. They are: 1st Prize        £250    Trevor Stevens 2nd Prize       £125    Jayne Lee 3rd Prize        £75      Shirley Higgins Thank you to all our members for your continued loyal support in the last year to keep our church going. We …

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November 2020

Congratulations to this month’s winners. 1st Prize    £250-    Lucy Stickland 2nd Prize    £125-    Wayfayre Social Club 3rd Prize    £75-      Robert Baker Thanks! Dick

October 2020

Congratulations to our winners in the October draw: 1st Prize    £250    Dotti Stickland 2nd Prize    £125    Trevor Stevens 3rd Prize    £75    David Facey

September 2020

Congratulations to the winners in the Weyhill 100 Club Draw held on 11 September. They are: 1st Prize    £250-    Stephen Twining 2nd Prize    £125-    Sandra Jackson 3rd Prize    £75-      Joann McDonnell

August 2020

1st Prize    £250-    Janice Knott & Robert Penn 2nd Prize    £125- Dick Smith 3rd Prize    £75-    Lynda Guyatt

July 2020

Results of the Weyhill 100 Club Draw held in July 1st     Prize    £250    Jean Milne 2nd    Prize    £125    Kenneth Wilson 3rd    Prize    £75    Mike Bulpitt Congratulations to our winners:-

June 2020

Results of the Weyhill 100 Club draw held on 12 June 2020: Congratulations to our winners. 1st Prize, £250- Sue Howe2nd Prize, £125- Sheila Kenny3rd Prize, £75- Jan Yeo